Millennium Soldier: A Warrior of the Future

Christian Science Fiction book

An “End Times” Christian Novel with a Sci-Fi twist Millennium Soldier - Christian Book 

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 During the early years of Earth’s history, a malignant alien that ancient writings named Lucifer landed on the planet. He began a work of deception and corruption of everything in his attempt to rule the world and to become the object of worship by all humans.

But, he did something else, too. This alien cloned humans, intermingling them with the human population. He created his own race, indeed, his own children. And then, he sent an entire species which he had corrupted, off-world.


For hundreds of years, these clones and created aliens have been visiting Earth, scouting the planet.  The Millennium has ended. Earth now has wars erupting once more. And these beings are now preparing a return home to their father in a war of extermination against humanity and heaven itself.

Only one man can stand against this invading force. He was a man bred for war from infancy. There is no being like this warrior. He has never been defeated in battle. He has waged wars on strange planets, sometimes alone, pitted against entire armies. His fame has spread far beyond Earth, reaching even far flung galaxies

Lucifer knows about him. His hand-picked Council, The Ancient Ones, has sent for him. They want to recruit this soldier for their wars.

Messiah wants to recruit him, too.

But this soldier, Cubal, the most deadly warrior ever to live, does not believe in gods or devils, only superior beings, a fact he accepts of himself.

Step into Earth’s future. Take a look at a time when humanity has spread beyond the boundaries of Earth and into far away worlds. View the life of humans as they meet other species.

This is the first book in a series dealing with the planet Earth after the Millennium, when Lucifer wreaks havoc on humans and attempts to reach heaven itself.


An excert from the book:

Cubal moved amongst the remaining A’rkji like a cold breath of winter, his presence felt only for a small flicker of time. His movements were not those of an ordinary man, but were as a sudden shift of darkness, which brought instant death. The enemy felt the rage of Cubal penetrate their minds, and fear flood their beings. None of them had ever met such an enemy.

Anger at those who’d sent this demon of death to them surged in the leader, the one who’d stayed the hand of the soldier and permitted Cubal to speak. The A’rkji leader leaped backward, sensing the death coming to him, feeling its closeness, and acutely aware of his inability to stop this darkness from claiming him as its next victim. He landed on the trough, his curved feet gripping the round edges of the wood. As he landed, he said, “Why have you come to slay us? What brings you to our world? You may leave with your friend.” The words came in a gush of raspy hisses.

Cubal stopped the death blow already begun at the only survivor. “I came seeking nothing. Your actions have brought me here.”

“I do not wish your death, dark warrior. We have heard of such as yourself. You have our peace. I command peace be with you.”

Cubal advanced slowly and stopped. “Come forward.” His words were powerful, delivered with the techniques of voice command he’d learned and perfected in his training as a warrior. The creature stepped closer hesitantly, his claws held to his side, and the reptilian head bowed in a servile position.

Cubal spoke: “I will honor your word. You say I have your peace. Is yours the word of trust or betrayal?” The hissed words were guttural and broken into the choppy, hissing sounds of the A’rkji tongue, It was a language Cubal had learned many years ago—one which he’d never liked.

The creature responded: “I am Cri, King of all A’rkji, and my word is honor. You have the peace of all A’rkji.”